X - Drive
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X Hits the spot

Have you ever wondered what the love child of melodic rock and grunge would sound like? LA rockers X-Drive, that’s what.

Big time bassist James Lomenzo (White Lion), singer Keith St John (Montrose) and hard-hitting drummer Fred Fischer (Midline) centre around newbie guitarist Jeremy Brunner, with the result being an interesting take on that 80s sound - it’s no wonder Andy Johns wanted to produce them.

Opener Love’s A Bitch recalls Joe Lynn Turner era Rainbow, with Brunner offering us his best Blackmore moves. And on tracks like California and Lay Me Down, St John’s voice jumps between that of the Walking Papers’ Jeff Angell and Axl Rose. Rattlesnake Eyes is what Alice In Chains would have sounded like if they were ‘happy’. X-Drive have crated a well-crafted fusion of the best bits of grunge and AOR. Who would have thought.

Classic Rock Magazine Presents AOR Issue 12 September 2014